-  Innovate 4 Climate (I4C) 19.05.2018
Meet the greenwerk. at the Innovate 4 Climate (I4C) Conference in Frankfurt, where we investigate latest developments at the nexus of climate and finance. Our team is eager to meet with you and to learn from your experiences and challenges in financing the development agenda. Also, we look forward to jointly explore new opportunities for collaboration in the fields of sustainable energy for SIDS, green banking & climate finance, activities under the Green Climate Fund, as well as Monitoring & Evaluation of climate impacts. See you at I4C!


-  Seychelles' 100% Renewable Energy Strategy 23.03.2018
-  Green Banking 14.12.2017
-  20th Sustainable Development Conference 12.12.2017
-  Achieving 100% Renewable Power Supply for Small Island Developing States (#SIDS) 26.11.2017
-  Side event at the #COP23 20.11.2017
-  2nd National Workshop on Innovative Climate Finance Mechanisms for the Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka 10.11.2017
-  Read our Policy Brief on how international climate finance can unlock the potential towards 100% renewable energies 09.11.2017
-  Meet us @ the COP23 07.11.2017
-  New report: Status quo of international Adaption Finance 06.11.2017
-  New report: Transparency of Support Received 20.05.2017
-  the greenwerk. @ the #COP23 03.11.2017
-  Proud to be part of the CTCN 20.10.2017