-  the greenwerk. facilitated stakeholder meeting for Seychelles 100 Percent Renewable Energy Strategy 05.07.2018
img_2806__1531140833.jpgthe greenwerk. facilitated a public stakeholder meeting last week at the International Centre of Seychelles in Victoria organized by Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change to discuss a proposal for Seychelles, which will be submitted to the Green Climate Fund. “The proposal is for the implementation of the Seychelles 100 Percent Renewable Energy Strategy” (SeyRES100) that is supported by the greenwerk.

Stefan Wehner of the greenwerk. said “we are assisting with the strategy and with mobilising international climate finance. After preliminary studies, solar energy is the key source of renewable energy for the islands. PV panels can be installed as rooftops are also available. Wind is also another resource but in the end, a mix of technologies, the most cost-effective, will be considered for Seychelles.”

Read more at: Seychelles News Agency on Stakeholder Meeting
-  Webinar: Why 100% RE is leaving no one behind – the key to sustainable development 21.06.2018
pexels-photo-691458.jpeg__1529584207.jpgChristine Nettersheim of the greenwerk. will elaborate on the Seychelles´ strategy to become 100 % RE and the positive impacts for the development of the country at the webinar "Why 100% RE is leaving no one behind – the key to sustainable development". The webinar is hosted by the Climate & Energy Team of the World Future Council and will take place on Tuesday, 26 June 2018; 1pm GMT. You can join the webinar online by clicking here. Further information and the agenda for the Webinar is available here.
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